Communication Coaching

Are you concerned that you aren’t communicating effectively enough to drive your people? Are you anxious when talking with high-level decision makers? Are you unsure how to have a conversation that compels others to want to hear more?

Good communication doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people. Thankfully, it can be taught. Through one-on-one sessions, Armstrong Sales Coaching works with those who desire to become better communicators.

With our Communication Coaching Program, we train and coach you to a high level of verbal and nonverbal communication. You’ll learn the best techniques, strategies, and tactics available today that will elevate you in your professional role and personal life.

In our Communication Coaching Program, you’ll learn:

  • How to more effectively get your message across
  • How to help others realize your vision
  • How to move up through leadership ranks
  • How to sell value

If you are interested in learning more about how Armstrong Sales Coaching has helped people like you gain confidence in their communication skills, then contact us today to start the conversation.



“To say that Kirk Armstrong is a master communicator is an understatement. He provides a superior method of identifying how to attract the kind of customer you love to have.

After hearing his presentation, I knew I had to hire him!

If you are in sales, stop what you are doing and call Kirk today. One session with him will significantly enhance your ability to increase your income and results almost immediately.”



“Since I hired Kirk and his team, my sales increased by almost 50%. I implemented the new ideas that Kirk suggested, and he devoted his time to help me succeed. If you’re disappointed by the results you’re achieving, or wasting effort chasing unqualified prospects, maybe it’s time try something new. He is a great person to work with!”



“Kirk Armstrong is an excellent source of information on all facets of the sales training process. If your sales staff needs a boost, I strongly suggest that you reach out to him.”



“Kirk was instrumental in my success as a young professional in our company. He was very knowledgeable about our type of business and had many alternate and effective approaches to different sales situations I encountered. My initial interaction with Kirk proved to be a great jump-start to my career, and the foundational sales skills he helped to develop have allowed me to remain a top performer – even during the economic down turn.”



“Kirk provides what I consider to be the best sales training on the planet, and has helped me improve my confidence when facing tough prospects. Our one-on-one coaching sessions have helped me realize abilities I didn’t know I had. I’m comfortable recommending Kirk to anyone who is frustrated with the results of their current sales efforts.”


Executive Coaching

Do you want to grow your bottom line but aren’t sure what to change in order to get there? Are you frustrated that your managers or salespeople don’t take more initiative? Do you wish you could do more to grow the business but simply don’t have the time?

Being an Executive isn’t easy, but when you have the right people on your team and equip them with the tools they need to be successful, your business will thrive. We partner with ambitious business owners, CEOs, and Vice Presidents of Sales just like you who want to aggressively go after sales goals.

Through weekly classes, one-on-one coaching, and onsite training with Armstrong Sales Coaching, your company will be equipped to exceed sales goals by being strategic about selling.

With our Executive Coaching, you’ll learn:

  • How to grow your bottom line
  • How to motivate your people to do everything they can to grow your company
  • How to train your team to consistently sell value, not give away margin
  • How to break through the complexity ceiling

If you are interested in learning more about how Armstrong Sales Coaching has helped other Executives like you empower their team to hit sales goals, then contact Armstrong Sales Coaching today.

Prospecting for 2017

Join Armstrong Sales Coaching for a training session entitled “Prospecting for 2017” on June 13 from 8:30-10:30 a.m. at our Training Center (29200 Northwestern Highway, Suite 115 Southfield, MI 48034) as we delve into the art of introducing your company to a prospect.

Are your salespeople “winging” their sales approaches? Is their sales process repeatable? Is your company losing sales because your sales team makes up messages as they go?

Introducing yourself and your company is not as easy as telling people what you do for a living. Your “elevator pitch” should have key elements designed to have the prospect want to know more. Don’t tell them “what you do,” tell them “what issues you can help solve”.  If they have those issues, you’re on your way.

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Sales. For some, the word is an ugly word. To some it means slimy, pushy, self-serving or sneaky. It makes sense that many people in the profession would rather not do it. On the other hand, it can be one of the most lucrative fields across all professions, if done the right way.

Sales should never make the prospect, customer or salesperson uncomfortable. As a salesperson, you should never have to apply pressure in order to make a sale. We like to call it, Concierge Selling. Put simply, sales is more about asking good questions and letting “them” discover that they would like your product or service.  Individuals can ask “needs” questions instead of simply “logistical” questions in order to get the result BOTH parties are looking for.

You or your people will learn both conceptual sales strategies, “granular” sales techniques and non-verbal communication techniques used by the very best salespeople today. Some skills will be immediately accessible to them, and others will take time. After all, bad habits can be difficult to break.  Our training evolves as technology and communication evolves, so you don’t have to worry about a cookie-cutter approach.  Although we teach fundamental and advanced skills, we will guide you to the content that fits best for your situation.

Some Concepts

  • How to qualify prospects more thoroughly
  • Listening skills – 20/2/2 Rule
  • How to ask & answer better questions – Concierge Selling
  • Prospecting systems – 57/37 Rule
  • Accountability systems – Using “Stop Sign” methodology
  • Tracking the right key performance indicators
  • The “Ultimate Sales Zone”
  • Selling through email/voicemail/texting
  • Dealing with adversity/change
  • White glove client treatment
  • Fear removal
  • High-level goal setting

Some Granular Techniques

  • How to introduce your organization – your USP
  • Key words and phrases to always use
  • Key words and phrases to never use
  • Questions you should be asking 
    • “10 Degrees Colder” methodology
    • “Hot-Sauce” (mild/medium/hot – for every taste)
  • Listening skills essential for selling/Non-Verbal Communication
  • How to respond to objections
    • “We’re going with a lower price”
    • “I’m not looking to make a change”
    • “We need to work with a larger company”



  • Knowing what questions must be asked of new and long term customers to get more business and not lose what we have
  • Debriefing your sales people
  • Helping your sales people to prospect
  • Setting expectations to grow; if something goes wrong
  • “Platforms” – new account acquisition strategy


  • Supervising
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Delegating
  • “On Boarding” New Sales People
  • Goals to make with new people
  • Managing Marginal Performers
  • Guidelines for Termination


  • Helping your team to get through slumps
  • Overcoming Fears of…(risk, rejection, the unknown, embarrassment, being judged)
  • Recognizing when you/your people are stuck in comfort zones and how to break out of them
  • Knowing what makes each of your people “Tick”
  • Working with different personality types



  • Helping Your People Realize Your Vision
  • Improving Listening Skills using the 20/2/2 Rule
  • Developing a “Sales Tough” Mentality
  • Running Effective Sales Meetings Using Systematic Approaches
  • Conflict Management – The 165/600 Rule
  • Maximizing time – Top 10 Time Management Systems Used Today
  • Advanced Email skills to communicate better
  • DISC personality profiling


  • Biggest negotiation mistakes to avoid
  • How to give discounts without hurting your profits
  • Rules for effective negotiations – The “5” Step System
  • Simple Strategies and Tactics to use daily
  • Negotiation Tactics used on you; and how to overcome them
  • What questions to ask to avoid negotiations to begin with


  • Selling to Multiple Decision Makers
  • How to Pre-Brief and Debrief the Sales Call – ASC Learning Method
  • Managing the Proposal Process
  • How to get meetings with decision makers
  • Selling when your pricing is the highest
  • Selling when your pricing is in the middle



  • Advanced templates for finding strong salespeople
  • Writing the ad to attract strong salespeople and where to place it
  • Interviewing Strategies (telephone and face to face) and templating
  • Interviewing Mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Using Sales Candidate Screenings and Evaluations for hiring
  • Hiring to fit your company culture


  • Understanding the “what’s and how’s” of coaching salespeople
  • Effective questions that hold salespeople accountable
  • Fixing common sales problems
    • Call reluctance; Referral Generation
    • Inability to qualify prospects
    • Talking too much; talking about the wrong things
    • Closing skills
    • Excuse making
  • Teaching them how to ask better questions
  • How to have “tough” conversations with salespeople
  • “ASC template” for motivating salespeople


  • Developing expectations with your people
  • Goal and quota setting
  • Accountability, tracking, performance reviews/CRM
  • Motivational strategies
  • Driving behaviors – for all 4 styles of salespeople




Kirk Armstrong – Owner & Principal – Armstrong Sales Coaching

Armstrong Sales Coaching helps organizations and individuals through sales and sales management development training. We teach how to sell stronger by asking stronger questions and having better, more repeatable processes.

The art & science of sales constantly evolves, based on what is going on in the world today. Sales personnel, sales management and executives learn communication skills that translate to higher sales and a deeper understanding of how to communicate better. We teach the actual questions to ask, at a granular level, as well as how to answer theirs in order to win more sales and succeed in their role. If they have the potential, we can turn “good” salespeople into “great”.  If you’re already “great”, and assuming you’re “coachable”, we can help make you a rock-star.

How we Help

  • Sales / Sales Management / Leadership Training / Executive Coaching
  • Continuous training: weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly;  “Live” or “Virtual”
  • One-time “boot-camp” type training: 2 hours to 2 days
  • Hiring:  ad writing, resume review, assessing, interviewing, interview process design, on-boarding process


  • Coaching calls or visits
  • “Help-Desk” 5-10 minute “situational” phone calls
  • Unlimited email support
  • We’re your coach while you’re with us

How do we meet?

  • Live, at your location, ours or a predetermined locale
  • Web meeting
  • Teleconference

Symptoms That You May Need Help

Sales Professionals

  • Lackluster sales performance
  • Not winning “your share” of new business
  • Deals “stalling” and not going through
  • Unsure how to sell at higher prices
  • Not able to close larger businesses
  • Getting shopped too often
  • Your sales process is lacking
  • You want to be an “A” salesperson, but aren’t
  • Know how to sell, but want to be better
  • Inconsistent performance year to year
  • Stuck at a level and want more

Owners & Vice President’s of Sales

  • Not growing quickly enough
  • Not effective motivating your salespeople
  • Unsure how to “coach” your people to better performance
  • Unclear how to hire strong salespeople consistently, or at all
  • Complacency with one or more of your people
  • Profits or revenues sinking or not growing
  • Struggling with how to compensate salespeople
  • Concerned with what to monitor with sales
  • Sales meetings that don’t change behaviors or are ineffective


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Armstrong Sales Coaching


29200 Northwestern Highway, Suite 115 Southfield, MI 48034

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Sales Coaching

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Do You Know What To Say To Get A Sale?

Do You Want To Make More Income Selling, But Haven’t Been Able To?

Are You Continually Following-Up Without Getting Enough In Return?

Through our sales coaching, you or your team will get on-the-spot training and corrective action in order to sell more. Most programs simply teach their content and hope you get it. With Armstrong Sales Coaching, we stay involved during and after the training to make sure that you experience results. Through individual or group coaching, salespeople will learn what they are doing right and wrong as they go, in order to maximize the learning process and be more successful.


Having the right attitude is critical in sales. Mental toughness, decisiveness, accepting failure, taking risk, and even how you make purchases can all influence how successful you will be in the field. The good news is, with our sales coaching, many can raise their game and income 20, 50, or even 100% by getting out of their own way.


Sales is both an art and a science. Do you have the right sales process? Are you tracking the right things? Does your process get you the results you are looking for? Our sales coaching creates a repeatable process that will help you ask the right questions at the right time, of the right people in order to close more. We help refine your selling process so you can close more, while spending less wasted time chasing prospects that aren’t going to buy from you.


We teach you how to ask better questions, how to handle objections, and how to control the sale from beginning to end. It all comes down to learning how to talk with people. Whether it is in person, over the phone, through email or over text, our sales coaches will teach you how to communicate more effectively with people. You will learn how to create a common sales language and a common sales culture for yourself or your team. Good salespeople don’t always know what to say; but they do know how to ask questions that get them closer to a sale.

Sales Management Training

Sales Training

Armstrong Sales Coaching offers world-class sales training throughout all of the Metro Detroit area. Our training is all oriented around one goal: helping you get results. Whether we’re coaching someone on reading customers or closing a sale, our training is hyper-focused on improving your ability to sell effectively. Our training covers every phase of the sales process (including KPI analysis), and is relevant for salespeople in any sector or industry.

Having a system for selling

  • Compelling them to engage
  • Knowing where to go on every sale
  • Finding their issues
  • Qualifying & disqualifying
  • How to get decisions from people
  • Developing a common sales language and culture
  • Selling over the phone vs. in person


Tracking your activity

  • Key performance indicators for salespeople
  • How to use numbers to motivate yourself
  • What to track/when/why/how
  • Building disciplines
  • How to manage your numbers
  • Sales accountability


Reading people better

  • Psychological techniques to help you sell
  • Non verbal communication
  • Lie detection
  • Rapport building
  • Mirroring & Matching Skills
  • Managing different personalities to close more


Qualifying & Disqualifying

  • Questions that sell
  • How to get to their issues
  • Direction of questions
  • Questions that “close”
  • Right and wrong questions while selling
  • Qualifying & disqualifying questions
  • Why/how/when to “let go”



  • How “not” to sound like a typical salesperson
  • Using their words to have them close themselves
  • Techniques for gaining appointments
  • Techniques to avoid cancelled appointments


Mental Toughness Training for Sales

  • Make-up of an all-star salesperson
  • Getting out of comfort zones
  • How to stay motivated in sales
  • Strategies for making yourself mentally tougher
  • Rejection proof your psyche
  • Attitudinal/Belief system training
  • Discipline/Consistency/Distractions
  • Building confidence



  • Creating key “closing” situations
  • When/how/why to close
  • Unique closing strategies
  • Golden rules to follow
  • No-pressure close techniques
  • Increasing your “close” rate/ratios
  • Avoiding the “chase”


Time Management for Salespeople

  • Time management for salespeople
  • How to run leads efficiently
  • Setting priorities with your time in sales
  • Time-wasters/Time-gainers
  • Thinking like an owner/Putting a value on your time
  • Advanced techniques to save time

Selling at a Tradeshow

  • Techniques to sell at a tradeshow
  • How to collect leads
  • What to say/what not to say
  • Where to stand/how to stand
  • How to follow up on leads
  • Do’s & Don’t’s


Social Media

  • Using social media to sell more/Linked-in/Twitter/Facebook
  • What to post/how to post/when to post
  • Referral generation
  • Do’s & Don’t’s
  • How to sell using email and text


Paperwork & agreements

  • Getting decisions after meetings
  • How to “follow up” after a meeting
  • Wasting less time with unqualified appointments
  • Earning more for the work you do
  • How to handle drawing/engineering fees



  • Proper bidding formats
  • What to definitely include/definitely not include
  • Winning more bid situations
  • Going in first/second/third
  • Competing against price/other objections
  • How to present a bid/quote/proposal



  • Selling at higher prices
  • How not to discount and still “win”
  • Techniques for “up-selling”
  • Discussing investment in correct fashion
  • Negotiating with different cultures
  • Discussing money and determining budgets
  • Avoiding price pressures


Referral Generation

  • How to ask with comfort
  • What to say/what not to say/when to say it
  • How to build a referral machine
  • How to get referred naturally
  • Incentives/Rewards
  • Change your perspective related to referrals


Qualities of a Sales All-Star

  • Critical qualities to become
  • Thinking like a pro
  • Behaviors that winners “do”
  • Behaviors that winners “avoid”
  • Schedule simulation of an all-star
  • Developing “winning” habits


Listening skills

  • Speaking less
  • Listening techniques used by sales all-starts
  • Using body language to listen
  • Techniques to “hear” what they are actually saying
  • Using questions to listen better


Virtual Sales Manager

Are you uncertain of what to track in sales or how to know if you’re making progress? Do you worry that you might not have the right people in place to take your business where you want it to go? Have you wondered if you are managing your sales people effectively?

If your company doesn’t currently have a sales manager or director of sales, our Virtual Sales Manager Program is designed with you in mind. Through technology (Skype, GoToMeeting, CRM software, email, phone), Armstrong Sales Coaching helps manage your sales people’s efforts remotely. We offer support to sales teams across the nation through activity reporting, training, and coaching.

Through regularly-scheduled sales meetings, we help guide and motivate your salespeople. Armstrong Sales Coaching designs and executes strategies and tactics to help your team be more successful.

In our Virtual Sales Manager Program, your team will learn how to:

  • Stop wasting time with opportunities that should be disqualified
  • Have support and accountability
  • Learn the right behaviors at the right time

If you are interested in learning more about how Armstrong Sales Coaching has helped other companies like yours increase sales and exceed goals through our Virtual Sales Manager Program, then give us a call to start the conversation.

Sales Management Coaching

Are you upset that your salespeople aren’t more motivated to find and call on new business opportunities? Are you under pressure to produce results but wondering if you have the right team in place? Are you concerned about growing sales but aren’t sure what key performance indicators to measure in order to produce the best results?

Sales Management isn’t easy, but figuring out if you have the right sales people on the bus and equipping them with the tools they need to be successful can make a world of difference.We work with sales teams across the nation, teaching them to break through the complexity ceiling, increase sales, and grow the top line.

With our rules-based selling strategy and sales infrastructure, companies aggressively meet their sales goals. It’s all about confidence—what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. It’s about landing the right prospecting meetings and learning how to close the deal.

In our Sales Management Coaching, you’ll learn:

  • How to motivate your sales team
  • Key performance indicators to measure results
  • Effective sales strategies and tactics to use
  • Ways to find (and keep) more “A” players


If you are interested in learning more about how Armstrong Sales Coaching has helped other Sales Managers like you increase sales and exceed goals, then call us to start the conversation.

Concerned about growing your sales? We can help.


Armstrong Sales Coaching helps organizations and individuals through sales and sales management development training. We teach how to sell, at higher prices, in less time and stop wasting time with those that may never end up doing business with you.

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