Want to Sell More? Don’t be Yourself.

Most people I’ve met through the years who sell, arrived in sales by accident. In other words, the position was simply open, someone suggested they try it or they were experienced and knowledgeable about a field and thought it was a logical next step. Whatever the reason, most people that got into sales had little or no formal sales training before they started the role as a profession. Some may have only received this advice, “just be yourself and you’ll be fine”. In my opinion, this is the absolute worst advice someone getting into the field could receive. If you think about it, who are others comfortable doing business with? If you said, people like themselves, you are correct. People prefer to do business with others like themselves.

Therefore, our goal on a sales call is to be as much like them as possible. If they feel that you are a lot like them, they are more likely to buy from you.

One method for doing this is to mirror and match their style.  In this article we will discuss a tool called DISC personality profiling. The tool has been around a long time and helps us determine the style of the person we’d like to work with, so we can better match their style and even better predict their behavior. Let’s get started.

Dominant. You can quickly determine a dominant personality as they do everything with speed. As example, they can be impatient, direct, quick to decide and sometimes even harsh. Even their emails and phone calls are quick. If you have ever received an email from a dominant, they oftentimes don’t include your name or a salutation at the end. They may have some misspelled words, don’t always use punctuation and have even been known to use lower case only. Why? Because they are in a hurry, as mentioned before. They speak quickly, loudly, give firm handshakes and like to be in control. They like power and are oftentimes competitive. Therefore, you will see them driving powerful vehicles and probably black in color. The good news? They are very decisive and make decisions quickly. However, if you take too long to get your message across, they lose patience and you lose the sale. They are typically the first-born in their families, which is why they are the way they are.

In summary:

  • Be brief
  • Give them pricing quickly
  • Be direct

Influencer. Influencers are charismatic, fun to be around and are all about people. Because of these characteristics, they are less oriented towards tasks or details. Therefore, you won’t want to go over details of the project for very long. They care more about who you’re working with, what type of person you are and what others have done in their situation. If you think about it, since they are all about people and what others perceive them as, they act and dress accordingly. They will act outgoing, want every experience to be fun and enjoy joking around. They wear brighter colors, like to purchase new and trendy products and also purchase fairly quickly. They know what they want, so don’t get in the way of them selecting products or services. Make it easy. Do talk about who you’ve worked with, who you know in the same circles or what you’ve done for their neighbors. They are typically the youngest in the family, which is why they are the way they are.

In summary:

  • Be fun
  • Show them new and exciting
  • Make sure they like you

Steady Relater. Steady Relaters are exactly that; steady. They never get too excited or too down. They are known as being loyal, stable and get along with everyone. While Dominants and Influencers wear their personalities on their sleeves, you will typically not know when Steady Relaters are upset. They keep things to themselves and only express their true feelings when alone or only with people they are close with. They live on security and need a high degree of certainty in order to proceed. Thus, you will need to make assurances that the project will run smoothly. You won’t want to offer new ways of doing things or make them feel like they are taking a big risk. They don’t like taking risks.  They are difficult to sell to unless they see that you are going to take good care of them. They judge on feelings and worry about all of the little things that may go wrong. Let them know through your questions that you understand what they are truly looking for. They are typically middle-born children, which is why they grow up and act as chameleons. They are used to being like all types; whatever the situation calls for. If you can’t figure out what style the person is, it is likely they are a Steady Relater.

In summary:

  • Be supportive
  • Show that you care and understand
  • Don’t rush them

Cautious Thinker. Cautious Thinkers are careful and cautious with everything that they do. Think engineer. They are precise, extremely analytical and love details. If Dominants want to see the price right away, Cautious Thinkers want to see all of the little stuff first. They want to know everything they can about the product or service before they buy a thing. They are slow with everything; decision making, commitment to a process and even the way they speak. They speak slowly, quietly and are not as social as the other styles. So, don’t try to joke around with them, they don’t get it. They don’t like physical contact (not people oriented) and don’t appreciate who you’re working with or what others are doing. Give them more time and more information. To determine them quickly, look at their looks and demeanor. They don’t dress or act flashy. Therefore, you will see them in grey or tan clothing, don’t update their looks very often and don’t spend a lot of time on their looking good. They even drive practical vehicles, so you won’t see them in a red convertible mustang, like a Dominant or Influencer. They’d rather drive a fuel-efficient automobile that “just makes sense” to them. They will shop you endlessly, so be careful!

In summary:

  • Give them time
  • Give them details, graphs and charts
  • Don’t pressure them

Armed with data like this, you will be able to better sell to all styles. Most salespeople mostly do business with others like themselves. Get good at reading other styles. Get comfortable mirroring and matching their style so they feel more comfortable with you. Know who you are so you know what and how to adjust in order to be more like them. Your goal on a sales call is not to simply be friendly and get them to like you. Again, it is to be as much like them as possible so that they discover that they are comfortable using you and your company. So, remember, in order to sell more this season, don’t be yourself. Be like them.



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