The Millionaire Mindset

Those that enter into the sales field, enter into one of the most lucrative professions in the world.  It is a profession where each and every day the objective is to sell products or services for money.  Like it or not, sales is a “money” profession.  If you’re in sales for any other reason, some might argue that you’re in it for the wrong reason.  It is what it is.  Thus, if you are going to be in the profession, it makes sense to acquire a “millionaire mindset”.  The millionaire mindset takes a typical salesperson from simply being in the profession to thinking, acting and behaving as if you are a millionaire.  If one can imitate a millionaire with their mindset, they can produce more sales, in less time and certainly make more money.  How do millionaires think, act and behave?  Let’s explore…

They are excellent at TIME MANAGEMENT.  We have a statement in our training that says, “It’s not how we manage time, it’s how we manage activities”.  We all have the same amount of time.  We can’t change that.  However, for salespeople, it is the activities that we decide to do, that influences our success the most.  The average salesperson is in front of customers only 17% of their time.  Do you think that’s enough?  I certainly do not.  Successful people are in front of their customers at least 50% of their time.  Having this mindset can change everything for you.

They are GOAL-ORIENTED.  Have goals for everything.  How much time you spend with prospects and customers, how many proposals you put out each month, how many “meaningful conversations” you have each week with potential customers.  Know exactly what you want to achieve by the end of the year, and work backwards, creating the steps before you begin.  “Working as hard as you can” is good, but having a plan and knowing the steps to get there is crucial.

They are DISCIPLINED, CONSISTENT AND DON’T GET DISTRACTED.   I think we will all agree, millionaires often do those things that others don’t, won’t or can’t.  They do their sales “behaviors” consistently and have unwavering discipline with those tasks that make them money.  Nothing gets in the way.  They aren’t distracted by less meaningful to-do’s and stay the course with their plan.  Keep in mind that each and every moment you get to decide whether you are part of your goals, or someone else’s.  You get to pick!

They DON’T LISTEN TO NEGATIVE NEWS.  Millionaires, although informed, do not pay attention to negative news.  Listening and watching negative news can have a profound effect on your psyche.  Having a positive outlook not only helps you hold higher prices, but it also affects other decisions that you make during a given day.  As example, if you believe that the economy is heading toward a recession, because some news station suggests it, you may not invest in your organization at that time.  Keeping a positive outlook is critical when things don’t go well in your business.  True entrepreneurs and millionaires buffer all news, keeping negativity at arms length.

They are RISK-TAKERS.  How one views failing is important when running a business, as well as when selling.  If you never take risks, you remain on the same path you’ve been on.  You don’t learn from your mistakes, you don’t break into new territories and you don’t grow.  It’s a risk to call on someone higher than you.  It’s a risk to speak with people that you don’t know.  It’s a risk to speak boldly to “wishy-washy” prospects.  But, it’s necessary if you want to think and behave like a millionaire.  Millionaires don’t fear risk; they embrace it.  They don’t get stuck in comfort zones.  Rather, they make calculated risks, learning from each decision that they make.  They aren’t asking themselves questions like, “what if this doesn’t work?”  Rather, they ask, “what will this look like when it works?”

They make PLANNING AND PREPARATION mandatory.  In our training, we like to say, “not having a plan is like bowling through a curtain.”  You might knock down some pins, but you won’t know how many or what to aim at next.  Your plan can only fail, if you fail to plan.  As example, when I prepare to speak in front of a group, it takes me about 10 times the preparation than the actual talk.  So, if I’m speaking for an hour, it’s likely that I’ve spent 10 hours researching, planning and preparing when it is all said and done.  Preparation is important if you want to succeed at high levels.  Not unlike a professional athlete, what you do before the big game will dictate your level of success in that competition.

There are clearly dozens of attributes that make up a millionaire mindset., beyond what is listed here.  Too many for this article.  However, keep in mind that they are also DETERMINED, CONFIDENT, KNOW THEIR FINANCIAL NUMBERS, TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES PHYSICALLY AND INVEST IN THEMSELVES OFTEN.  If you want to earn more in sales, it is important to be aware of these traits and imitate as many of them as possible.  Although there is no road-map to success, if you can put these traits into play for yourself, there is no telling how much money you can earn in the career of sales.  Good luck!