Sales Training

Armstrong Sales Coaching offers world-class sales training throughout all of the Metro Detroit area. Our training is all oriented around one goal: helping you get results. Whether we’re coaching someone on reading customers or closing a sale, our training is hyper-focused on improving your ability to sell effectively. Our training covers every phase of the sales process (including KPI analysis), and is relevant for salespeople in any sector or industry.

Having a system for selling

  • Compelling them to engage
  • Knowing where to go on every sale
  • Finding their issues
  • Qualifying & disqualifying
  • How to get decisions from people
  • Developing a common sales language and culture
  • Selling over the phone vs. in person


Tracking your activity

  • Key performance indicators for salespeople
  • How to use numbers to motivate yourself
  • What to track/when/why/how
  • Building disciplines
  • How to manage your numbers
  • Sales accountability


Reading people better

  • Psychological techniques to help you sell
  • Non verbal communication
  • Lie detection
  • Rapport building
  • Mirroring & Matching Skills
  • Managing different personalities to close more


Qualifying & Disqualifying

  • Questions that sell
  • How to get to their issues
  • Direction of questions
  • Questions that “close”
  • Right and wrong questions while selling
  • Qualifying & disqualifying questions
  • Why/how/when to “let go”



  • How “not” to sound like a typical salesperson
  • Using their words to have them close themselves
  • Techniques for gaining appointments
  • Techniques to avoid cancelled appointments


Mental Toughness Training for Sales

  • Make-up of an all-star salesperson
  • Getting out of comfort zones
  • How to stay motivated in sales
  • Strategies for making yourself mentally tougher
  • Rejection proof your psyche
  • Attitudinal/Belief system training
  • Discipline/Consistency/Distractions
  • Building confidence



  • Creating key “closing” situations
  • When/how/why to close
  • Unique closing strategies
  • Golden rules to follow
  • No-pressure close techniques
  • Increasing your “close” rate/ratios
  • Avoiding the “chase”


Time Management for Salespeople

  • Time management for salespeople
  • How to run leads efficiently
  • Setting priorities with your time in sales
  • Time-wasters/Time-gainers
  • Thinking like an owner/Putting a value on your time
  • Advanced techniques to save time

Selling at a Tradeshow

  • Techniques to sell at a tradeshow
  • How to collect leads
  • What to say/what not to say
  • Where to stand/how to stand
  • How to follow up on leads
  • Do’s & Don’t’s


Social Media

  • Using social media to sell more/Linked-in/Twitter/Facebook
  • What to post/how to post/when to post
  • Referral generation
  • Do’s & Don’t’s
  • How to sell using email and text


Paperwork & agreements

  • Getting decisions after meetings
  • How to “follow up” after a meeting
  • Wasting less time with unqualified appointments
  • Earning more for the work you do
  • How to handle drawing/engineering fees



  • Proper bidding formats
  • What to definitely include/definitely not include
  • Winning more bid situations
  • Going in first/second/third
  • Competing against price/other objections
  • How to present a bid/quote/proposal



  • Selling at higher prices
  • How not to discount and still “win”
  • Techniques for “up-selling”
  • Discussing investment in correct fashion
  • Negotiating with different cultures
  • Discussing money and determining budgets
  • Avoiding price pressures


Referral Generation

  • How to ask with comfort
  • What to say/what not to say/when to say it
  • How to build a referral machine
  • How to get referred naturally
  • Incentives/Rewards
  • Change your perspective related to referrals


Qualities of a Sales All-Star

  • Critical qualities to become
  • Thinking like a pro
  • Behaviors that winners “do”
  • Behaviors that winners “avoid”
  • Schedule simulation of an all-star
  • Developing “winning” habits


Listening skills

  • Speaking less
  • Listening techniques used by sales all-starts
  • Using body language to listen
  • Techniques to “hear” what they are actually saying
  • Using questions to listen better