Having a system for selling

  • Compelling them to engage
  • Knowing where to go on every sale
  • Finding their issues
  • Qualifying & disqualifying
  • How to get decisions from people
  • Developing a common sales language and culture
  • Selling over the phone vs. in person


Tracking your activity

  • Key performance indicators for salespeople
  • How to use numbers to motivate yourself
  • What to track/when/why/how
  • Building disciplines
  • How to manage your numbers
  • Sales accountability


Reading people better

  • Psychological techniques to help you sell
  • Non verbal communication
  • Lie detection
  • Rapport building
  • Mirroring & Matching Skills
  • Managing different personalities to close more


Qualifying & Disqualifying

  • Questions that sell
  • How to get to their issues
  • Direction of questions
  • Questions that “close”
  • Right and wrong questions while selling
  • Qualifying & disqualifying questions
  • Why/how/when to “let go”



  • How “not” to sound like a typical salesperson
  • Using their words to have them close themselves
  • Techniques for gaining appointments
  • Techniques to avoid cancelled appointments


Mental Toughness Training for Sales

  • Make-up of an all-star salesperson
  • Getting out of comfort zones
  • How to stay motivated in sales
  • Strategies for making yourself mentally tougher
  • Rejection proof your psyche
  • Attitudinal/Belief system training
  • Discipline/Consistency/Distractions
  • Building confidence



  • Creating key “closing” situations
  • When/how/why to close
  • Unique closing strategies
  • Golden rules to follow
  • No-pressure close techniques
  • Increasing your “close” rate/ratios
  • Avoiding the “chase”


Time Management for Salespeople

  • Time management for salespeople
  • How to run leads efficiently
  • Setting priorities with your time in sales
  • Time-wasters/Time-gainers
  • Thinking like an owner/Putting a value on your time
  • Advanced techniques to save time

Selling at a Tradeshow

  • Techniques to sell at a tradeshow
  • How to collect leads
  • What to say/what not to say
  • Where to stand/how to stand
  • How to follow up on leads
  • Do’s & Don’t’s


Social Media

  • Using social media to sell more/Linked-in/Twitter/Facebook
  • What to post/how to post/when to post
  • Referral generation
  • Do’s & Don’t’s
  • How to sell using email and text


Paperwork & agreements

  • Getting decisions after meetings
  • How to “follow up” after a meeting
  • Wasting less time with unqualified appointments
  • Earning more for the work you do
  • How to handle drawing/engineering fees



  • Proper bidding formats
  • What to definitely include/definitely not include
  • Winning more bid situations
  • Going in first/second/third
  • Competing against price/other objections
  • How to present a bid/quote/proposal



  • Selling at higher prices
  • How not to discount and still “win”
  • Techniques for “up-selling”
  • Discussing investment in correct fashion
  • Negotiating with different cultures
  • Discussing money and determining budgets
  • Avoiding price pressures


Referral Generation

  • How to ask with comfort
  • What to say/what not to say/when to say it
  • How to build a referral machine
  • How to get referred naturally
  • Incentives/Rewards
  • Change your perspective related to referrals


Qualities of a Sales All-Star

  • Critical qualities to become
  • Thinking like a pro
  • Behaviors that winners “do”
  • Behaviors that winners “avoid”
  • Schedule simulation of an all-star
  • Developing “winning” habits


Listening skills

  • Speaking less
  • Listening techniques used by sales all-starts
  • Using body language to listen
  • Techniques to “hear” what they are actually saying
  • Using questions to listen better