Kirk Armstrong – Owner & Principal – Armstrong Sales Coaching

Armstrong Sales Coaching helps organizations and individuals through sales and sales management development training. We teach how to sell stronger by asking stronger questions and having better, more repeatable processes.

The art & science of sales constantly evolves, based on what is going on in the world today. Sales personnel, sales management and executives learn communication skills that translate to higher sales and a deeper understanding of how to communicate better. We teach the actual questions to ask, at a granular level, as well as how to answer theirs in order to win more sales and succeed in their role. If they have the potential, we can turn “good” salespeople into “great”.  If you’re already “great”, and assuming you’re “coachable”, we can help make you a rock-star.

How we Help

  • Sales / Sales Management / Leadership Training / Executive Coaching
  • Continuous training: weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly;  “Live” or “Virtual”
  • One-time “boot-camp” type training: 2 hours to 2 days
  • Hiring:  ad writing, resume review, assessing, interviewing, interview process design, on-boarding process


  • Coaching calls or visits
  • “Help-Desk” 5-10 minute “situational” phone calls
  • Unlimited email support
  • We’re your coach while you’re with us

How do we meet?

  • Live, at your location, ours or a predetermined locale
  • Web meeting
  • Teleconference

Symptoms That You May Need Help

Sales Professionals

  • Lackluster sales performance
  • Not winning “your share” of new business
  • Deals “stalling” and not going through
  • Unsure how to sell at higher prices
  • Not able to close larger businesses
  • Getting shopped too often
  • Your sales process is lacking
  • You want to be an “A” salesperson, but aren’t
  • Know how to sell, but want to be better
  • Inconsistent performance year to year
  • Stuck at a level and want more

Owners & Vice President’s of Sales

  • Not growing quickly enough
  • Not effective motivating your salespeople
  • Unsure how to “coach” your people to better performance
  • Unclear how to hire strong salespeople consistently, or at all
  • Complacency with one or more of your people
  • Profits or revenues sinking or not growing
  • Struggling with how to compensate salespeople
  • Concerned with what to monitor with sales
  • Sales meetings that don’t change behaviors or are ineffective