Are You Getting Your Share?

When it comes to the current economy, most individuals and companies are doing extraordinary. In fact, if you’re not doing well right now, it could be that you either aren’t in the right business or aren’t doing something right. From a sales perspective, it may be time to ask this question: What is the number one activity that you don’t do when you’re busy? If you said, “prospect for new […]

What are YOUR Sales Stop Signs?

In our training center, we work on all sorts of things to help people become more successful. One thing we work on often is changing habits. Helping people to start or stop a new habit that will allow them to be more successful is something we work on daily here. In sales, there are many habits that we should “stop”. Why stop them? Because, oftentimes, unbeknownst to the salesperson, they […]

Sales Techniques That Will Close More Business!

In the previous article (The 5 Golden Rules For Goal-Setting), I discussed taking action in order to achieve your goals for the year.  Now that we have that established, hopefully, you have a list of items to attack in the new year, one of them being prospecting.  Prospecting is the heart and soul of all sales organizations.  If you rely on sales to make a living or grow your business, […]

The 5 Golden Rules For Goal-Setting

As we approach the close of 2017, it becomes important to start thinking more about our goals for next year.  It is equally important to look back and think about what went well, what didn’t go so well and what we want to do differently next year.  It’s been my experience that goal-setting is a foreign subject to many.  Many will think about setting goals, maybe even decide on a […]

Are you playing it “safe” with your sales results?

The theme of this blog is largely surrounding the aspect of safety in the workplace.  But, it’s not what you think!  We’d like to suggest that something you shouldn’t play it safe with is sales.  So many individuals and companies play it safe when it comes to making more sales happen.  What does that mean?  It could mean that you aren’t striving to double the size of your organization.  For […]

Using technology to Sell More

Technology has been a wonderful addition to doing business, particularly with salespeople.  We can get information to others instantaneously, can get immediate feedback (when done properly) and we can be more organized than ever before.  For prospecting purposes, it appeared to be the answer to what most salespeople were looking for, a tool that would garner faster responses.  Unfortunately, with the faster speeds and ease of sending messages came inundation. […]

It’s getting warmer. “Thaw-out” your selling process

As warmer days become more and more frequent, I can’t help but think about all of the opportunities that seasonal companies will have.  Even now, organizations that we help tell us that spring project requests are coming in right now from homeowners and commercial properties.  As a business owner or from a sales perspective, it becomes clear that one needs to get as many of the “right” opportunities as early […]

The Millionaire Mindset

Those that enter into the sales field, enter into one of the most lucrative professions in the world.  It is a profession where each and every day the objective is to sell products or services for money.  Like it or not, sales is a “money” profession.  If you’re in sales for any other reason, some might argue that you’re in it for the wrong reason.  It is what it is. […]

How to Sell in the New Era

As most good salespeople will attest, sales processes have evolved over the years.  Many years ago, although some still use it today, salespeople would sell using “features and benefits.”  In other words, you show the prospect the features of your product or service, then you relay the benefit of those features.  In the 70’s and 80’s that worked very well.  Times changed.  Prospects became more aware of the technique, even […]

7 Things Salespeople Do That Make Them Look Desperate

As I sit in my training center watching traffic go by, I sometimes wonder to myself how many of those “passerby’s” are salespeople. Given how many professions there are in Michigan, and how many salespeople it takes to produce for the organizations part of each profession, there are many. As they drive by, I also wonder how many of them are heading to appointments that won’t go anywhere. Why? Because […]

Are You Helping or Hurting Your Team

Some owners or managers attempt to “manage” all aspects of their salespeople’s activities.  When a salesperson senses that someone is looking over his shoulder, he’s typically right-it’s the sales manager about to ask for a quote report, opportunity update, prospect list or sales forecast.  Something he does much too frequently.  Or, it’s the manager that is constantly asking, “how did your sales call go?”  Believe me, if it went well, […]

Don’t Feel Pressure About Price

Imagine the following scenario.  After a few meetings with the prospect during which you examined his current situation and analyzed his needs and future goals, you developed and presented an approach for what you believed to be the best-fit solution to meeting his challenge.  The investment necessary to obtain and implement your solution is $12,800.

The prospect, while impressed with your solution, commented, “That’s a bit more than we expected to […]

Are You Getting in the Way of the Sale?

In my training, you will oftentimes hear me repeat key phrases that can help salespeople save time.  One such phrase is “the difference between making a sale, and not making a sale, is not a large gap”.  Said another way, the small things that you do as an effective salesperson will all add up at the end, potentially winning you more business.  Here are five issues that many salespeople have, […]

What’s the Secret for Finding Good People?

Finding good people is difficult, especially in these days and times.  There is a shortage in the skilled trades and companies tell me frequently that their ads don’t attract them often enough.  I’d like to discuss a different angle to hiring that is rarely mentioned.  Not the ad, not where you place it or even how to interview.  I’d like to discuss what impacts hiring the most, YOU.  Are you […]

How are your Acting Skills?

So many individuals simply enter into a sales scenario and act like themselves.  After all, that makes sense, doesn’t it?  The only problem is, people prefer to do business with those that they are comfortable with.  What if they aren’t comfortable with our style?  What if we are too outgoing for them?  What if we aren’t enough?  What if we talk too much for their style?  What if we don’t […]