Why Being Average Sucks!

You see it every day. Ask someone how they’re doing. The most common answer, “I’m doing OK”. OK? Just OK? Ask another individual how their sales, their relationships, or their progress towards a goal is going. Their typical reply, “I’m doing OK”. The fact is, most individuals aren’t shooting high enough, settle for mediocrity and are “OK” with where they are at in business and in life. They don’t put […]

Getting to a Decision Sooner

It’s that time of year again.  The dog days of summer.  The kids are back to school and despite the nice summer, it’s time to get back at prospecting.  Although some prospect regularly, it is a good time, at ¾ of through the year, to think about what’s next for your prospecting efforts.  If you think of the timing, your customers want to finish strong as well.  And, as we […]

Using Email to Sell More Effectively

Through the years, the art and science of selling has dramatically changed. Over the last decade, or even the last five years, the way we sell has changed exponentially. How many of you, even five years ago, did not have your cell phone printed on your business cards? Many. Five years ago, how appropriate was it to call a brand-new prospect’s cell phone or even send them a text? Not […]

Prospecting: a dirty word?

Whenever I’ve trained a group of people on prospecting I’ll ask, “With a show of hands, how many of you think you prospect enough?” It is not unusual, even in large groups, for not one hand to go up. During one such event there was one man, way in the back, that held his hand high. I asked, “Oh, you sir? You believe that you prospect enough?” His reply, “No, […]

How You “Prep” May Decide Your Fate

This article is about closing more business, growing your revenue and making more money at what you do. Let’s be honest, sales is not an easy profession. There is rejection, uncertainty and even failure. However, when you succeed, when the prospect and you see eye to eye, when it is a fit, it is a wonderful thing.

In order to achieve more in sales, we have to realize that it is […]

Navy SEAL Training for Owners & Salespeople

Although I’ve only met a few of them, when I think of a Navy SEAL I think of someone who is disciplined, well-trained, resilient, mentally tough, confident and clear about his purpose. Not only are these critical character make-ups of a Navy SEAL, we can learn much from them in terms of how we run our businesses or sell for our organizations. Today’s article will discuss how we can use […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Sales Training

This is an article that I’ve never written.  Frankly, it’s hard to write it without sounding self-serving.  After all, how does one suggest the very services that he provides without sounding that way?  However, recent experiences outside of the industry have me compelled to do so in this article, strictly to help.  Let me say that again, this is not meant to be a self-serving article or a self-promotion piece.  […]

Are You Getting Your Share?

When it comes to the current economy, most individuals and companies are doing extraordinary. In fact, if you’re not doing well right now, it could be that you either aren’t in the right business or aren’t doing something right. From a sales perspective, it may be time to ask this question: What is the number one activity that you don’t do when you’re busy? If you said, “prospect for new […]

What are YOUR Sales Stop Signs?

In our training center, we work on all sorts of things to help people become more successful. One thing we work on often is changing habits. Helping people to start or stop a new habit that will allow them to be more successful is something we work on daily here. In sales, there are many habits that we should “stop”. Why stop them? Because, oftentimes, unbeknownst to the salesperson, they […]

Sales Techniques That Will Close More Business!

In the previous article (The 5 Golden Rules For Goal-Setting), I discussed taking action in order to achieve your goals for the year.  Now that we have that established, hopefully, you have a list of items to attack in the new year, one of them being prospecting.  Prospecting is the heart and soul of all sales organizations.  If you rely on sales to make a living or grow your business, […]

The 5 Golden Rules For Goal-Setting

As we approach the close of 2017, it becomes important to start thinking more about our goals for next year.  It is equally important to look back and think about what went well, what didn’t go so well and what we want to do differently next year.  It’s been my experience that goal-setting is a foreign subject to many.  Many will think about setting goals, maybe even decide on a […]

Are you playing it “safe” with your sales results?

The theme of this blog is largely surrounding the aspect of safety in the workplace.  But, it’s not what you think!  We’d like to suggest that something you shouldn’t play it safe with is sales.  So many individuals and companies play it safe when it comes to making more sales happen.  What does that mean?  It could mean that you aren’t striving to double the size of your organization.  For […]

Using technology to Sell More

Technology has been a wonderful addition to doing business, particularly with salespeople.  We can get information to others instantaneously, can get immediate feedback (when done properly) and we can be more organized than ever before.  For prospecting purposes, it appeared to be the answer to what most salespeople were looking for, a tool that would garner faster responses.  Unfortunately, with the faster speeds and ease of sending messages came inundation. […]

It’s getting warmer. “Thaw-out” your selling process

As warmer days become more and more frequent, I can’t help but think about all of the opportunities that seasonal companies will have.  Even now, organizations that we help tell us that spring project requests are coming in right now from homeowners and commercial properties.  As a business owner or from a sales perspective, it becomes clear that one needs to get as many of the “right” opportunities as early […]

The Millionaire Mindset

Those that enter into the sales field, enter into one of the most lucrative professions in the world.  It is a profession where each and every day the objective is to sell products or services for money.  Like it or not, sales is a “money” profession.  If you’re in sales for any other reason, some might argue that you’re in it for the wrong reason.  It is what it is. […]